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Customise how Overlays are displayed on the Map.

When you add an Overlay (a Marker, Line or Shape) to the Map you may want to style it in a certain way. In the case of Markers, you may want to use certain icons.

Types allow you set these styles once, so you can simply select it when you are adding to the Map. You can create Types in Waymark > Settings > Marker/Line/Shape Types.


This Map makes use of different Marker types:

Brewery Tour

This is a Map created with Waymark. A Map can have Meta associated with it, which can be displayed here.

Using the Editor you can add Markers, Lines and Shapes to the Map. Each can be given a title, description and an image which will be displayed once clicked.

The Editor can import from GPX, KML and GeoJSON formats and can detect photo location information.

Maps can be embedded in your content using the Shortcode.

More Details

The information displayed here can be configured in Waymark > Settings > Meta.

Maps can be grouped together using Collections. If the Map is part of a Collection, a link to that Collection is displayed, like this:

More Details

Type Keys

Waymark takes the Title of every Overlay (Marker/Line/Shape), strips out every non-alpha-numeric and adds it as a HTML class, like this:

<!-- "Beer" Marker with Font Icon       ***BEER*** -->
 <div class="waymark-marker waymark-marker-beer waymark-marker-circle waymark-marker-small">
     <div class="waymark-marker-background" style="background:#70af00;"></div>
     <i style="color:#ffffff;" class="waymark-marker-icon waymark-icon-icon ion ion-beer"></i>

You can use this to style specific Types, for example:

/* Adjust the "Beer" Marker Text Icon size */
 .waymark-marker-beer .waymark-icon-text {
   font-size: 18px !important;

Use your browser’s inspector (Firefox / Chrome) to find Type keys.

This “Beer” Marker has the class
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