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Line Highlighting

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    Some changes to how Lines are displayed during interactions (on Click/Hover/Profile Interaction) have been suggested:

    Line with active elevation:

    Here the path is clickable. However when clicked, the red color of the path changes to the color of the gpx graph below. I would suggest to change only the outline of the path i.e. red path stays red but becomes highlighted by the color choosen for the gpx graph.

    Line highlighting on click/hover:

    highlight a selected path on the map on the mouse hover? For example defining a hover color for the line type?

    I have a map with a lot of different trekking paths (they must have the same label and color) and some paths have overlapping parts in common, so it could be useful for the user to have the selected path highlight differntly.


Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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